Apollo 17 Exhibits At The Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

In the Apollo 17 exhibit images below you can see the Apollo 17 Information panel at the Johnson Space Center that is adjacent to the massive Saturn V rocket housed inside, view the Apollo 17 diorama with two astronauts, a lunar rover and even the command module piloted by Gene Cernan on the final moon mission. In the last 360 degree panoramic you can see the Apollo 17 gallery and the door to the Apollo 17 command module that the astronauts would climb through.

Best viewed in full screen.

Apollo 17 was the last of the six Apollo missions to land on the moon. Launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida on December 7, 1972 on a Saturn V rocket from Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center. Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt landed on the moon a few days later on December 11, 1972 at the Taurus–Littrow site. After a few days of experiments and lots of photography, the two astronauts packed up what they needed and left the moon on December 14th to rendezvous with Ronald Evans who was patiently waiting aboard the control module orbiting the moon. Once both Schmitt and Cernan were back aborad the control module they began their return to Earth. The Apollo 17 crew splash landed in the South Pacific Ocean on December 19 1972 and was recovered by the USS Ticonderoga.

Apollo 17 exhibit command module

Apollo 17 exhibit of the Command Module flown by Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt.

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