Orion Space Capsule Arrival At Kennedy Space Center.

NASA invited media out to Kennedy Space Center in Florida for an opportunity to photograph and view the Orion Space Capsule arriving at the Florida Space Port. The Orion Capsule is scheduled to arrive at Kennedy Space Center on February 1, 2016 on board NASA’S Super Guppy aircraft. The Super Guppy is scheduled to land at the Space Shuttle Landing Facility around 3 pm, however it landed around 3:41 pm. Biz360Tours has acquired media passes to photograph the arrival of the Space Craft and we will be documenting our experience while visiting the Space Center.

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The first Guppy aircraft was developed in 1962, designed specifically for NASA operations by Aero Spacelines of California. Guppy aircraft were used in several past space programs, including Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab, to transport spacecraft components.

The new Super Guppy is the latest version in a long line of Guppy cargo aircraft used by NASA and manufactured by Airbus Industries. The Super Guppy, designated 377SG-201, has a cargo compartment that is 25 feet tall, 25 feet wide and 111 feet long and can carry a maximum payload of 77 metric tons.

360 degree panoramic of NASA’s Super Guppy Airplane with the Orion Capsule inside at the Kennedy Space Centers Shuttle Landing Facility. High Resolution 29,500px x 5517px 121mb file

The aircraft has unique hinged nose that can open more than 200 degrees, allowing large pieces of cargo to be loaded and unloaded from the front. You can see this in the images above.

NASA’s Super Guppy airplane will carry Orion’s pressure vessel to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Media was bused to the Space Shuttle Landing facility to witness the landing of the aircraft and its cargo. Once the plane landed we were bused to where the plane had came to a stop and were allowed to continue photographing and capturing video.

Orion Space Capsule Orion Space Capsule Orion Space Capsule Orion Space Capsule Orion Space Capsule Orion Space Capsule

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Orion Space Capsule

The last time we were out at Kennedy Space Center was to photograph the Cygnus Space Capsule.