Air Sports Parachute Team, ASPT, the leader in innovative Parachute Airshows, wows the crowd with massive US Flags, High Speed (swooping) canopy’s, parabatics, fireworks and fan contribution to refold Flags to prepare for the next jump.

This weekend at the Space Coast Warbird Airshow, Air Sports Parachute Team successfully deployed a 2,000 square foot American Flag only 2,500 feet above the flight line in front of thousands of spectators.  The weather was a key factor, a low cloud ceiling, and high winds. Both very close to their maximum parameter. A load-in call – “canopy pilots….pack your flags”. Once airborne, Jump Director and Co-Team Leader Chuck Juliane made the call to proceed with the flag deployments, yet left it to individual canopy pilots to decide.The crowd was not expecting a flag deployment as the Air Boss announced “NO FLAGS” as the C-47 vintage Warbird made its approach to the jump target.

They exit the plane to the amazement of the crowd who started cheering as the Star Spangled Banner played over the loudspeaker. Five flags deployed!

It’s difficult to get a true feel of the massive size of these flags that highly specialized skydivers fly. until you personally try to hold it down in the breeze, often taking up to 70 people. We at ASPT were honored to open this weekend’s Space Coast Warbird Airshow, joining an incredible display of warbirds, fighters, and expert aerial displays.

Many organizers and event leaders have already booked the Air Sports Parachute team. This past weekend show demonstrated a commitment, jumping and deploying flags, even in top-of-range parameters. They make your show a success and inspire fans to return for next year’s show.

Air Sports Parachute Team is the US leader is skydive demonstration.The Team offers a wide range of demonstration and thrill performances to meet your occasion and/or event. Fireworks, Air Shows, Sporting Events, Family Events (wedding and yes, funerals/memorials) and many more.


Photo Credits: Scott Murray @MurfamPost  @Restrantek (IG) – Curt Volgesang (Feature Photo) @SkydiveCurt (IG) – Jason Perrone @photolife321 (IG)